About us:

IGITEGO is a non-profit national association, religiously and politically unbound, which was founded in 2016. IGITEGO works to contribute to improved upbringing and living conditions for those living in areas with socio-economic challenges and to contribute to increased equality by creating better health, security, education and employment as well as well-functioning inclusion in Sweden.
IGITEGO works against honor violence and for human rights and the opportunity to preserve cultural traditions that are in line with Swedish law. Together with society's associations, study associations and organizations, the operation shall strengthen the conditions for children, young people and adults to find meaningful leisure activities and to create meeting places and security for all residents in socio-economically vulnerable areas. The work should empower people and encourage them to be involved in the place where they live. Preventing exclusion through various activities that attract different target groups and bring people together is an important part of the work.

IGITEGO wants to strengthen the conditions and motivation for citizens regarding health, security, education and employment as well as a well-functioning integration into society. IGITEGO wants to provide knowledge and information that empowers the individual to fend for himself and function in the local community. In collaboration with civil society, offers interventions that are in demand, everything from parental support interventions to open meeting places for children & young people and adults. IGITEGO's purpose is to create meetings between people and contribute to integration and inclusion.

The goal is for unemployment to decrease and for more people to find work. That the proportion of the population living in ill health should decrease. That the percentage of women who are very far from the labor market should decrease. That the number of children living in families with welfare support should decrease.

Access to modern meeting places leads to a vibrant and safe society. It is important that children, young people and adults find meaningful leisure activities. Cooperation with association life, which has an important role in contributing to participation, is of great importance. The equal value and rights of all people must permeate the entire operation.
IGITEGO is a platform for children & young people and adults to realize their ideas and dreams.